2010-09-28 - G'Day

Dear friends, Aussies and Otherwise,
we made it, survived it and love it - finally in the land of the gum tree and kookaburra, the factory outlets and lay-back culture.

What are our people doing right now?

As diverse as this country - some of our students have already left for the Gold Coast (Brisbane and environs) or other destinations. some are preparing holidays with their host families in the upcoming days.

As you could read in the previous entry, "no news are good news" - so all our chiefs did not get a single phone call (aka as a complaint = Beschwerde) from our German students, so this is promising.

Weather is improving too, a good 15 degrees and rising, less rain in the days to come.

We are looking forward to school next week, but at present shamelessly enjoy a spell of splendid holiday in Down Under.
Wish you were here...

Kind regards
Chief of Koalas (aka Bklewitz)