Tagebuch - Kirchhain 2007

Day Montag, den 26. Maerz

Today was the day we found out what a mayoral reception is like. Mr Kirchner the mayor gave us friendly welcome, and we were impressed with how much history has happened in Kirchhain: Fighting between Catholics and Protestants in the 1500's, knights there to protect travellers, a British bomb made a direct hit on the Catholic church on their way back from a bombing raid, killing 10 worshippers. The Jewish community used to make up about 30% of the population. The mayor also showed us how the townhall (Rathaus) has been restored. We saw of the original timber structure, over 500 years old. Germans rarely demolish buildings, they restore them. We have seen a number of old women wearing Tracht! (Their traditional costumes), and one of our host partners used to take part in festivals where Tracht was worn. A number of our students spoke a few words about their schools in German. Gut gemacht! The motto in Latin next to the door of the Rathaus means 'Things go better for those who keep their mouths shut.' On the other side it says 'Sola deo gloria' - 'To God alone be the glory.' Kirchhain itself is made up of a town, and numerous villages. The only way you can tell there are farm animals around, is by the smell from certain buildings - they are still inside because of the winter cold.

To end on a nicer note, getting something yummy to eat in der erster Pause at the Cafeteria (ask us how to pronounce it when we get home) has become popular, particularly seeing that it is often our meeting place. Tschues!