Tagebuch - Kirchhain 2007

Outer Eastern Exchange students in Germany

They gave us a running commentary during the 30 minutes trip to Vienna. Very impressive, regal city. How cool was it that we watched the film Marie Antoinette in the leg from Singapore to Frankfurt, and then got a guided tour of her home town! Our guided tour was enhanced by the falling snow! Our hotel, Pension Neuer Markt was very welcoming, helpful and cosy. Thoroughly recommended! Amazing buildings, palaces, shops to explore, followed up by a ride on the giant ferris wheel in der Prater. It is 150 years old. We all want to come back. Developing a group bond.

The flights between Frankfurt and Vienna were the only ones where we didn’t sit as a group, so we had opportunities to practise our German with the people sitting next to us. Our host families faces were a very welcome sight at the other end. Highlights of the trip north along the Autobahn were the Elefantenrennen (LKWs = big trucks) racing/ overtaking each other, then passing through village after village, in a snowy landscape, till we got to our villages/towns. Just as well we were warned to bring our warmest winter clothes. Maximum of 6 degrees. Whilst we feel really special to have snow in spring, the Germans have had enough of the cold. Last week it was wonderful weather, warm weather forecast for the weekend.

Roslyn Brown