Diary - Melbourne 2006

Day 20 (Wednesday ,October 18th, 2006)

Dear Diary,

did you know that Australians do not speak English at all? No worries, we found out all about it today ... 

day20 It all happened at McKinnon Secondary College, the well-established sister school of Alfred-Wegener ... in Kirchhain. David Nutting, head of LOTE and spiritus rector of our OZ connection had organized a music class for us, where we learned about what is hip in this country. How to identify Australian music then? According to the fabulous music teacher David persuaded to teach us a lesson in music, you have to listen to STRINE, the Australian variety of English. So this is what we'll come back with. Hopefully, it will stick and replace the thick German accent we would so very much like to get rid of - you know what I mean? vat, vat ?

If you'd like to see what's happening at McKinnon's right now, just have a look at:


pictures of OZ ....

Have a good day!