Diary - Melbourne 2006

Day 12 (Tuesday, October 10th, 2006)

Dear Diary ...

Donvale is one of our new network schools - and boy, what a school this is. Our principal (Good Day, Mr Werner! Are you good?) might be interested to learn more about it? ...

day12So, Donvale Christian school - hosting three of our students: Jenny, Sonja and Svenja - is not only a laptop school but also close to the kangaroos.
Laptop school, because all the students are instantly connected to the internet via their laptops, which they use in the classroom all the time - and at the moment are enjoying this very website!); kangaroo school because they are very close to Kangaroo Ground, one of Melbourne's bush like suburbs.
We had a great time at Donvale, were made very welcome by the two German teachers Allison and Nahed, and will start a curriculum project with them very soon. Lots of surprises here for Kirchhain!