Diary - Melbourne 2006

Day 9 (Saturday, 7th, October 2006)

Dear Diary ...

we better switch to English (of course Aussie style), as we would like our host families to also enjoy and share in what we are up to. We also have a student contribution (Jenny) sticking to German for the time being.

Here goes ...

Hier also zuerst Jenny (slightly modified according to the new German Rechtschreibung!):

Na Tagebuch,

also ich erzaehle dir mal ne Kleinigkeit ueber mein letztes Wochenende. Am Freitag war ich in der Schule, dort hab ich net so viel erlebt. Am Nachmittag haben wir uns eine DVD ausgeliehen und angeschaut und am Abend haben wir ein paar Spiele gespielt.

Am Samstag waren wir ziemlich lange in einem shopping centre, das war total lustig und echt hammer!! Am Abend waren Jocelyn, ein paar Freunde und ich auf einer Party. Dort war es echt schoen, hat voll viel Spass gemacht! Am Sonntag waren Oma und Opa zu Besuch zum Kaffeetrinken. Das war's auch schon! Hehe


(did you notice the chilled language: total-hammer-echt-voll viel? A linguistic challenge for all LOTE professionals; have a good one with that!) 

day9 The reminder of the weekend is quickly related: pleasant sunshine, cold but clear water  - we certainly could not have hoped for more. As the weekend belongs to the host families, it is difficult to keep track, but everybody semms to be busy. Most spend a day on the beach, enjoying the sunshine (good to hear it is raining Up Over) but avoiding the ozone hole. All families do their level best to make us feel more than welcome and we really have to think hard to match all the fantastic events once our guests will stay with us in March/April next year.