18.07. - 26.09. - Diary

Leonard leaves for Sydney

As my fourth school week was coming to an end I went with my guest family, and some friends, to Sydney since Friday would be no school.
We had to go to the airport directly after school to catch our flight at 7:40 pm.

The security rules were way less strict than the ones on international flights. We were even aloud to bring unlimited liquids into the cabin.
After a short flight (about one hour) we arrived in Sydney and took a taxi to our hotel.

Because we had planned a lot of stuff for the next day we had to get up pretty early for a day without school. First we did a ferry tour through the bay and finally got off at Toronga Zoo which can only be reached with a ferry.

To get to the entry of the zoo we had to do a “Sky Safari” which was basically a cable railway up the hill and over the zoo. We got an amazing view of Sydney’s skyline, the harbor bridge, the Sydney Opera house and of course the animals in the zoo. The zoo itself was quite modern and beautifully designed. Before we took the ferry back I bought some souvenirs and we did the “Sky Safari” again.

Back on the mainland we visited the “Sea Life” and the “Sydney Eye” the tallest structure in Sydney. On the observation deck we got a stunning view of Sydney and I took some great photos.

Because our hotel was located in Chinatown, which is near the city center, we ate Chinese food for dinner which was pretty good.

On the next day we visited “Madame Tussaud” – the popular wax museum. Although I had been in the Berlin version before it was interesting to look at the detailed wax figures of popular Australian and international celebrities.

After that we did a guided bus sightseeing tour to Bondi Beach where we had Fish and Chips for Lunch. For dessert I tried the unique fried Mars bar which tasted a lot better than I had expected.

Later in the day we also got a closer view of the Sydney Opera house and I took some more photos of the architectural masterpiece.
We ate our dinner this evening in a pub near our hotel. I had a pretty yummy Wagyu beef burger and the best chips I’ve ever had!

Our flight back on Sunday was very early so we had to get up even earlier than the other days. Although it was quite early in the morning I was pretty hungry so I tried banana bread for breakfast. I really liked it and think I’ll eat it again soon.