18.07. - 26.09. - Diary

Leonard leaves summer

I left summer as soon as I took off from Frankfort Int’l Airport at the 18th July 2015. My student exchange to Australia has started. But there were still about 30 hours of travelling left until I would see the continent of Australia for my first time live.

The journey began with a flight to Abu Dhabi which was both the shortest and the easiest part.

About 6 hours after takeoff the “glowing” desert of Abu Dhabi was entering our field of vision. The orange illuminations looked like dying embers spread all over the coast of the Persian Gulf. Simply epic.

Although it was 10 o’clock pm the temperature was still over 30 degrees which along with the intense humidity made us sweat.We rushed through the airport to catch our next flight to Melbourne and finally took off again two hours late.The next 14 hours – my longest time in an airplane ever – were extremely stressful even though we were sitting on our seats the most time.

It was a huge relief to see the lights of Melbourne coming nearer and nearer and to have solid ground under our feet again.

My guest family was expecting me at the airport and welcomed me very friendly.
During my first week of school in Australia I was still pretty tired. So on Friday I was really happy to get the opportunity of catching up some sleep getting lost on the journey around half of planet earth.

With having caught a full charge of sleep I could enjoy the visit of the Healesville Sanctuary – an only Australian animal zoo – on Sunday together with my guest family and Assmahn. (That’s where I took those amazing photos.)